Facebook Pages experience 2022

I’ve written before with tips about how to optimise your Facebook business page. During the last few weeks, though, Facebook has been updating the “page experience” for thousands of small businesses’ pages – and some of your previous settings will need to be reviewed. First of all, Facebook business pages are now just called Pages. … Read more

Facebook business page optimisation

If you’re a small business in this current economic climate, having a Facebook business page is a must. Whatever sector you are in, and whoever you sell to, it’s almost certain that your customers are all on Facebook. And many will check out your Facebook presence even before they browse any of your web pages. … Read more

The 3 best free SEO tricks for your website or blog

I’ve mentioned before how Google change their algorithms over time – and that there are various free SEO (search engine optimisation) tricks to perform to ensure your web pages rank high-up in the lists of search results. One trend at the moment is to write informative articles about your area of expertise and to publish … Read more

SEO tricks and website treats

I’ve been learning more about Search Engine Optimisation… SEO tricks that will help your web content to be seen on Google (and heard on Alexa). When combined with my professional web content writing service, your pages will be truly optimised to attract new customers. Search Engine Optimisation is all about ensuring your most relevant website … Read more

Seasonal website updates

Here’s something I learned during the school holidays. A sizeable proportion of accommodation bookings for next year’s summer holidays will be made on Christmas Day. It makes sense really. Families are together, everyone is enjoying each other’s company and the conversation turns to planning the next family holiday. The person who told me this runs … Read more

WordPress tricks to give your website the edge

Most of my clients so far have websites built using WordPress. That’s not surprising; WordPress is simple to use and highly adaptable. And it’s free! Did you know there are a number of easy-to-implement WordPress tricks of the trade, to help optimise your website? Tricks that will improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) and the … Read more