“Why would I need website content and SEO advice?”

Website content review service by Site Review UK (Image shows two people using a laptop with the caption: Formatting, layout and clarity are all vital to get your message across)

You may have a beautifully designed website already, and be asking yourself…

“Why would I need website content and SEO advice?”
“Why would I need a professional website audit / SEO audit?”

A professional-looking business website is obviously going to be attractive to visitors, but design alone will not lead to customer conversions or increase your sales. You must make it easy for your site visitors, at every stage, to stop them clicking away.

Did you know you can easily format your pages to:

  1. rank them higher in search engines,
  2. improve the ‘readability’ and ‘navigability’ of your most important content to help your busy site visitors, and
  3. meet accessibility guidelines?

We will spot any issues your current website developer may have missed, helping to bring more visitors to your site — and crucially helping to convert those visitors into paying customers. The chances are you need a professional website audit / SEO audit.

Formatting, layout and clarity

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Writing for the web is very different to other forms of writing. Your audience — who are all your potential customers — will only scan part of your pages, very quickly. If they don’t find the information they need, they will soon click away. Remember: 50% of your prospective customers are likely to leave your web page within 8 seconds.

“It may well be true that everyone has a good novel in them, but not everyone is capable of writing clearly for the web!”

Simon Anderson

Formatting, layout and clarity are all vital to get your message across. For example, our professional website audit will advise on:

  • clear descriptions of your products and services
  • some well-written paragraphs to explain your company’s background, history or USP (unique selling point)
  • an easy-to-find page of contact details
  • a slick checkout/sign-up process, and
  • informative blog content.

Also, with accessibility in mind, for your customers who are visually impaired, it’s important to correctly format all images on your website. Site Review UK’s website content review will explain how.

So, calling all small (and medium-sized) businesses, organisations, societies, sports clubs and tourist attractions — across the UK! Whether you are a high-end bespoke business, a family-run trade, or a small Sunday League football club, your web pages will be easier to read and navigate, once you consider our layout tips and recommended edits.


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Site Review UK’s services include professionally editing your text to improve its ‘readability’. We have over 20 years’ experience in writing for the web and are used to working on many types of copy. You can read our client testimonials and 5-star reviews on Facebook, Google and Bark.

Our website content advice services will help you, wherever you are in the UK, providing a ‘content marketing’ expertise for websites without the normal content marketing budget.

Note: All clients of our professional website content and SEO advice services are able to earn unlimited Cashback Rewards for any referrals that lead to new work.

S.E.O. tips

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If your website has been neglected for a while, you will no doubt benefit from a professional SEO audit.

Your website or blog will be easier to find if you format the content correctly and follow a few simple search engine optimisation tips. Your pages will rank higher in all the commonly used search engines, helping to drive prospective customers to your site. We will guide you through everything, including proven techniques to improve your ‘on-page SEO’ (personalised for your website) and advice about ‘off-page SEO’, increasing your site speed…

See also our blogs ‘The 3 best free SEO tricks for your website or blog’ and ‘SEO tricks and website treats’.

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Expert website content advice by Site Review UK – optimising and clarifying your online content

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