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I’ve been learning more about Search Engine Optimisation… SEO tricks that will help your web content to be seen on Google (and heard on Alexa). When combined with my professional web content writing service, your pages will be truly optimised to attract new customers.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about ensuring your most relevant website pages rank high-up in the list of search results, when people search for your business or your products.

There are three important things to know about SEO:

  1. Google’s algorithms do change over time, so it’s always worth checking your page rankings at least every few months.
  2. There are ways to pay to get your content to the top of the rankings. For example, Google has its lucrative Google Ads. Here, you pay-per-click for every click on your Ad listing, for a limited time or up to a maximum spend.
  3. There are some simple FREE tricks you can do, for all your pages, that will achieve great search results for your content. This blog will concentrate on some of those tricks.

Yoast SEO plug-in

Firstly, if your website is built using WordPress, then install the free plug-in Yoast. For each of your pages, you’ll be able to set a unique ‘Focus keyphrase’, an ‘SEO title’ and a ‘Meta description’ — and Yoast will tell you where and how best to use these.

Use your keyphrase in your opening paragraph, for instance, as well as in your page’s title and in the ‘alt’ description for at least one of the page’s images.

If these terms don’t mean anything to you, just ask. Site Review UK will advise on how to get started, and can provide tailored keyword research for you.

Local presence

Ensure you register on Google My Business and Bing Places. Telling Google, for instance, where you are based will help your rankings when your potential customers perform a location-based search, or simply add “…near me”. Add your opening hours and company information too.

There are other advantages to maintaining a Google My Business profile as well. For instance, voice-based searches are increasingly popular, and Alexa currently reads out three Google My Business listings. Make sure yours is one of them.

Active content

Search engines prefer pages that show activity, so ensure you regularly update your key content. Publish a blog every now and then, or at least create a Latest news page on your website. Issue Google Posts as well, to show them you are active. They’re free, and I can guide you through the process.

There are many many ways to format your pages and improve their ‘readability’, to help Google find your most relevant content. If you maintain a small website that’s not ranking high enough (relative to your competitors), then I can help.

My SEO tricks and website treats will be spookily easy for you to implement. I do not need access to your premises or your website code.

…for an affordable no-obligation quote. I’ll spot any issues that your website developer may have missed.

Thank you,

Simon Anderson
Site Review UK

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