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Are you an international company that exports to the UK?

Or maybe you own a business in the UK, but English is not your first language?

Have you recently decided to expand your online shop to English-speaking customers?

Then hire us to proofread your translated English marketing copy.

Target your UK market

Whether you have a website of your own or list your products on Etsy, Amazon or eBay, it is vital that your prospective customers in the UK properly understand your English translations. That’s how Site Review UK will help. We’ll provide real-world written English paragraphs, instead of AI-generated content or a basic Google translation. That’s not how we want to understand and engage with your brand.

Your marketing copy, company bio information and product descriptions need to be optimised for your new UK customers. This is especially important when you are trying to sell your products. You might have only one chance to make a positive impression!

  • For example, if your product descriptions or your company bio information contain too much sales hype, they will look suspicious. UK buyers are very ‘savvy’ (shrewd, perceptive) and wary of false claims. If it looks too good to be true, we usually walk away.
  • Another example: you should consider including English phrases (expressions), where relevant, as well as ‘imperial measurements’.
  • Another example: if your product descriptions are too packed with keywords, you can be penalised by search engines.

Site Review UK can also help with your Search Engine Optimisation in the UK, whatever platform you use to list your products. By optimising your SEO settings, more UK potential customers will discover your merchandise.

So, if you want the best possible product listings for your new UK target market…

We’ll send you a no-obligation quote and our Terms & Conditions… and we promise no pushy sales calls.


Prices will vary depending on the size of your website or the number of products in your online shop. We recognise that small businesses don’t necessarily have a lot of spare cash, so keep our fees affordable.

Payment is made easy via international bank transfer.

Client testimonial

Site Review UK recently helped a company in the Netherlands that wanted to expand their business to the UK market. We read through their website’s UK pages, proofreading the English, and evaluating every little detail for improvements that would shape the pages to the correct target audience. The company was very pleased with our work and has already seen remarkable results.

Here’s their full 5-star testimonial:

“If you export to the UK, we highly recommend reaching out to Site Review UK for a thorough review of your website. Simon’s expertise will undoubtedly lead to significant improvements in your translated marketing copy and an enhanced user experience. We are grateful for his assistance in making our online shop UK market-friendly and ensuring its success.

Our company, based in the Netherlands, specialises in manufacturing customised branding irons for various surfaces such as wood, leather and even burger buns. In 2022, we decided it was the right time to expand our business to the UK market, despite the challenges posed by Brexit.

We chose the UK as we believe we can offer British customers better prices, higher-quality products, and a more user-friendly e-commerce experience when ordering branding irons. However, entering a new market proved to be more complex than we initially anticipated. Each country has its own unique market specifications, which required us to tailor our online shop to meet the specific needs of UK customers.

We were fortunate to find Site Review UK via Google. Simon took the initiative and possessed a wealth of knowledge on how to shape an e-commerce site that would alter to the UK market. We found him to be reliable and full of great ideas for enhancing our online shop. He proof-read all our English translations, re-evaluated even the smallest details, and provided valuable improvements that we hadn’t even considered. The results have been remarkable.”
Jelmer Kalsbeek, J.H. Machining in the Netherlands 🇳🇱


Although Simon does not speak many foreign languages, he specialises in enhancing the user experience of clients and can skilfully proofread or copyedit translated English to achieve these goals. Expanding into a new market can be difficult, but Simon will offer his expertise in website audits, content and design to make this transition as smooth as possible. Using a native English speaker with knowledge of the UK market can reduce concerns of accidental mistranslation or misunderstanding of English phrases, so you can focus on pushing your products forward with confidence.

Further details on request.

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