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Affordable website design & redesign services by Site Review UK.

Three recent clients have asked Simon to create a website for them from scratch. Not a problem.

We have now worked extensively on a great many websites, including three e-commerce sites, and have designed and built four websites from beginning to end.

Each website is personalised with your clients in mind. We’ll work with you on your:

  • Customer conversion processes
  • Written content including succinct company information and product descriptions
  • Keywords and Search Engine Optimisation to ensure your pages are seen
  • Branding and customer experience
  • Website layout and accessibility
  • Social media integration.

Note currently we don’t provide domain hosting, so for these examples mentioned below, the clients firstly just needed to purchase a hosting package. We’ll advise on this.

Examples and client feedback

Example 1: Gavin Horrell’s Wedding Photography website

Website homepage for Gavin Horrell Photography
Website homepage for Gavin Horrell Photography

Gavin in East Devon had previously been running a WIX-hosted website, but wasn’t happy with how his photos were being displayed. He asked Site Review UK to build a replacement website on PIXIESET featuring:

  • carousel displays of his photos
  • new booking forms and questionnaires
  • links to his individual wedding galleries
  • optimised SEO settings
  • an integrated Instagram feed, plus links to his social media.

Once completed, we set up redirects so his previous website now points to his new one.

Gavin is now confident at updating PIXIESET himself and is very happy with Site Review UK’s work: “Simon from the outset was very professional and knowledgeable on how to build my new website. We set a plan and timeline, and everything went without a hitch. Once the new website was up and running, I soon had some business coming direct. He sorted out all the menus and SEO settings and renewed my Facebook and Instagram pages. I would highly recommend Simon.”

Example 2: Just Milk & Shakes website

Website homepage for Just Milk & Shakes
Website homepage for Just Milk & Shakes

This new venture in Honiton required a basic website to accompany their Facebook page. We designed and built a secure, responsive, WordPress site featuring:

  • a basic menu to showcase the different vending machine services
  • their location clearly displayed in the header and on a Google Maps image
  • a video tour of the shop on every page
  • optimised SEO settings and image alt-text descriptions
  • links to their social media.

The owners are pleased with their low-maintenance website, meaning they can concentrate on Facebook posts to publicise their new flavours each week: “We would like to thank Simon for helping design and build our web pages… He has the patience of a Saint due to me having no knowledge of websites and asking really basic questions. Great job… thank you.”

Example 3: Sheena’s Holistic Health and Beauty website (Note this client has currently made her website unavailable, to save costs.)

Website homepage for Sheena's Holistic Health and Beauty
Website homepage for Sheena’s Holistic Health and Beauty

Sheena in Plymouth just required a basic website to complement her Facebook page. We built a WordPress site featuring:

  • a basic menu to showcase her different treatments
  • clear contact details on every page
  • a new specially-designed company logo, with colour-coordinated buttons
  • optimised SEO settings and image alt-text descriptions
  • links to her social media and new email address.

Sheena now has full access to be able to make future updates herself. She was thrilled with the new website: “Simon’s expertise and support to myself and my business has been invaluable. Thank you Simon.”

Website design service –
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We’re confident we can design and build any basic website in WordPress, Divi, WIX, SquareSpace, Pixieset, Weebly, GoDaddy etc, so please get in contact. Simon will get straight back to you to discuss how he can help with planning out your site, with your written content and images, and with your SEO strategy to ensure it is seen by your target audience.


Prices will vary depending on the size of your website. We recognise that small organisations don’t necessarily have a lot of spare cash, so keep our fees affordable.

Referral reward scheme

All clients will benefit from our ongoing referral reward scheme, so you’ll earn unlimited cashback rewards for any referrals that lead to new work.

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Expert website content advice by Site Review UK – optimising and clarifying your online content

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