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I’m Simon, your Devon-based professional website content writer and SEO expert.

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Simon Anderson

I am Simon Anderson, a professional website content writer/editor and SEO expert, based near Exeter, Devon. I’m trained — and have 18 years’ experience — in writing for the web and other Internal Communications skills. My career has included copywriting and editing other people’s content daily, improving its ‘readability’ to help get important messages across. This included creating communication campaigns and publishing articles, updates and briefings on my former employer’s intranet, for a staff of 2,000.

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In February 2019, I started up this freelance Site Review UK consultancy. I’m using my professional skills to help optimise the online content of small businesses and organisations across the UK and have been particularly busy during the Covid-19 pandemic.


I am methodical, with a good eye for detail, and am used to working on many types of copy. For example:

  • website content that grabs attention
  • social media posts that lead to more sales
  • calls to action
  • technical updates, descriptions and instructions
  • process documentation
  • corporate briefs, and even
  • scientific papers.

And I know all the tips about how to, for example:

  • format web pages and images to improve ‘on-page’ search engine optimisation (S.E.O.) and accessibility
  • improve the layout of web pages to help get your message across, and
  • write clearly for your target audience.

You can view testimonials from some of my clients, and their 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google. For example:

  • “Simon is incredibly courteous to deal with, and incredibly professional at what he does, although that comes as no surprise given his background. He gave an extensive and detailed written review of the site, with a staggering attention to detail. Whilst you might like to try and do everything yourself, it’s so important when running a business to call in help from the experts. Small businesses tend not to have the luxury of a corporate team behind them. Simon is there to help you, and is like a breath of fresh air when you feel like you are struggling.”
  • “I was so much impressed with the friendly, caring attitude shown towards me during the work, I at some point forgot he was actually not part of my company but working for us. I got my money worth and surely didn’t regret my investment – and I will recommend Site Review UK any time.”

Thank you for reading. Contact me now for a no-obligation quote if you are keen to see how a professional website content writer can help your site traffic and sales campaigns.

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