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Website content advice service by Site Review UK (Image shows a person making notes whilst working on a laptop with the caption: I'll consider every possible improvement, from a potential customer's point of view)

This is my specialist area. If you own a website that, for example, is not bringing in business, then I will optimise your content for you, with my professional website content advice.

You will receive a detailed personalised report, highlighting all recommended improvements, search engine optimisation (S.E.O.) tips and results of performance tests on different browsers.


Prices will vary depending on the size of your website and the complexity of the content. I recognise that small organisations don’t necessarily have a lot of spare cash, so keep my fees affordable. You can tell me what to prioritise, for example SEO strategy, rewrites of your copy or help with your sitemap or design. For more in-depth work, I just charge by the hour. So far, most of my clients have paid less than £200. I also run a referral reward scheme (see below).

From 18 March to 29 May 2020: 20% discount for coronavirus-hit small businesses.


Use Site Review UK to completely review your online content and rank your pages higher in search engines. For as little as £100, I’ll provide a detailed confidential written report, highlighting improvements you/I* can make to:

  • formatting your content,
  • layout,
  • use of imagery,
  • accessibility (for the visually impaired),
  • grammar,
  • spelling, and
  • general clarity and ‘readability’.

Page by page, I’ll check every word, image and link on your site — and consider every possible improvement from a potential customer’s point of view. I’ll ensure your branding is consistent in look and feel, and that the website depicts an excellent ‘customer experience’.

In addition, I’ll check for search engine optimisation — and how your website behaves on different browsers and on a phone.

And I can work with you on content marketing, developing thoughts, imagery and copy for online sales/awareness campaigns.

* Please note: Site Review UK does not need access to your premises or your website code. All the improvements I suggest will be easy for you to implement. Alternatively, as some clients have done, you can give me temporary access to your website’s WordPress or WIX interface, so I can make the agreed improvements myself. I will tell you how I did it too!

…for a no-obligation quote and to receive my Terms & Conditions.

Referral reward scheme

Following payment for your full website content review, you can earn unlimited cashback rewards for any referrals that lead to new work. You can follow me on Facebook too, via @SiteReviewUK, to keep up with latest offers.

Client testimonials

Read my client testimonials below to see the kind of feedback I am receiving. All these clients received their personalised Site Review UK professional website content advice, and have since posted their testimonials as 5-star reviews on Facebook and/or Google.

Client testimonial no.8:
“Running a start-up business can be quite daunting, especially the creating and running of a website. You have an abundance of questions, Is my website any good? Can it be found easily on Google? Does it work properly? Our biggest concern was that we wanted our website to be found without needing to directly look for it. If people didn’t know we exist, how would they ever find our website?
“By having a chat with Simon and investing in his services, we quickly began to understand what we needed to do and how we were supposed to do it. Simon provided us with a fantastic overview of our website which not only explained how to improve our SEO, but picked up on tiny but significant inconsistencies that we would never have noticed without his keen and professional eye. Simon was a crucial helping hand in setting up our business, we cannot recommend his services enough.”
Jake Powell of Beevive in Devon

Client testimonial no.7:
“I approached Site Review UK to help me make some changes to the layout of my website and because I suspected my SEO was lacking. Simon carefully explained, in refreshingly non-technical language, how to modify content and use ‘ALT tags’ on my image-focused site, to attract and engage more visitors.
“In the past I have been wary of using the services of web developers who charge huge fees for negligible results. In contrast, Site Review UK are (in my experience) reasonably priced, meet deadlines and deliver on service. I have already noticed an improvement in web traffic as a result of implementing the changes Simon suggested.
“I also really appreciated Simon’s calm, methodical approach to problems which, alone, I would have found daunting. It has been a pleasure working with him.”
Ken Lowe of KenLoweIllustration in Devon

Client testimonial no.4:
“Really happy with Site Review UK’s report. It identified some significant problems with my site’s navigability when viewed on a phone, which I will now rectify with the help of my website developer. Simon’s review also suggested several re-writes and identified some spelling mistakes and broken links. The review also included a look at my Facebook page, with some useful advice… including some typos in my Messenger auto-response.”
Alison Lee, Chocolatier in Devon and owner of Truly Scrumptious

Client testimonial no.1:
“I was really impressed with how much detail is in the Site Review UK report. It looks really professional. Simon carefully reviewed the content on six of my pages, noting down formatting tips, suggested edits, 6 typos (oops!) and advice to improve the overall look and feel of my website. I’d definitely recommend Site Review UK to any small business, no matter how content you feel about your own content!”
Karen Todd Shaw, Smallicombe Farm B&B owner in Devon

Site Review UK – optimising and clarifying your online content
Website content expert advice by Site Review UK – optimising and clarifying your online content

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