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Website SEO copy editor covering Devon, Dorset, Somerset and beyond. What are my clients saying?

Great customer feedback continues to come in, thank you.


Client testimonial no.13:

“Simon is an incredibly helpful, knowledgeable guy, that has gone the extra mile to help me with my Shopify website. Not only has he worked on all the things we talked about, he has taught me new skills along the way. Would highly recommend.”
Nollie Keene, owner of Perfectly Boo hair accessories in Exeter, Devon

Testimonials from 2020:

Please note: Some clients have now kindly posted their testimonials as 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google.

Client testimonial no.12:

“Simon is incredibly courteous and professional to deal with, although that is hardly surprising given his background.
“He has an attention to detail which is second to none and the review itself is extensive and comprehensive.
“Small businesses don’t have the luxury of a corporate team behind them, but my advice to those of you who need help with your website is to enlist Simon’s help without hesitation. You might like to try to do everything yourself but that isn’t always the best way. Give yourself and your business the respect you deserve by hiring this guy to do it for you.”
Gemma Forde, dog trainer and handler in Plymouth, Devon

Client testimonial no.11:

“When I was first introduced to Site Review UK, I thought yeah – another avenue to spend more money but get no results. But I was proved wrong. When I first spoke to Simon, his introduction of what Site Review UK was capable of doing staggered me; his listening skills in hearing what I want against what he knows just couldn’t hold me back any longer, so I asked for a review of my website.
“When I received that initial 16-page report of what needs to be carried out for what I had requested, I was blown away. Not only was it detailed, showing Simon’s expertise, it was exactly what I had requested, including suggestions on how to implement it and improve my website and, most importantly, control cost. I was in control of the cost of how much I want to spend but receiving that quality work.
“I was so much impressed with the friendly, caring attitude shown towards me during the work, I at some point forgot he was actually not part of my company but working for us. I got my money worth and surely didn’t regret my investment – and I will recommend Site Review UK any time.”
Enitan Scott, owner of Standela Healthcare, Grays, Essex

Client testimonial no.10:

“My online shop website is quite old, so I decided to find someone to ensure it was working ok, before adding new items during Lockdown. Simon at Site Review UK soon found that it wasn’t compatible with mobile phones, it wasn’t optimised for Google and had other inconsistences that needed updating. All the way along, he sent me plenty of information regarding what changes he needed to make – and made sure that I understood everything before deciding to go ahead. Simon was very helpful and knowledgeable, from making the site look nicer and easier for customers to find and follow, to helping me understand what to write when adding new products. He has reorganised my top-level menu, added a product search facility and advised on all my SEO settings.
“Even though this has delayed me adding new products to the site, I am really glad that when I do start pushing it more to customers, at least I’ll know they can (most importantly) access it on their phones – and that I’ll be able to publish pages easily and they’ll be shown correctly.
“I will be keeping in touch with Simon in the future and would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with their website or just needs it checked to see if it is working properly.”
Angela Davis, owner of Country Bloomers gift shop, Sidmouth, Devon

Client testimonial no.9:

“I found Simon from Site Review UK to be very approachable and professional about how he could help improve my website. I am not very technical, and he was able to quickly find out what my aims were within my budget. I’m pleased with his improvements – and it was really helpful to get written tips on what he had done and how I can get the most out of my own copy when I write it. This included tips on using and making an SEO strategy. Thanks Simon.”
Max Cohen, founder of It’s All About You Wellbeing, SW England

Client testimonial no.8:

“Running a start-up business can be quite daunting, especially the creating and running of a website. You have an abundance of questions, Is my website any good? Can it be found easily on Google? Does it work properly? Our biggest concern was that we wanted our website to be found without needing to directly look for it. If people didn’t know we exist, how would they ever find our website?
“By having a chat with Simon and investing in his services, we quickly began to understand what we needed to do and how we were supposed to do it. Simon provided us with a fantastic overview of our website which not only explained how to improve our SEO, but picked up on tiny but significant inconsistencies that we would never have noticed without his keen and professional eye. Simon was a crucial helping hand in setting up our business, we cannot recommend his services enough.”
Jake Powell of Beevive in Devon

Client testimonial no.7:

“I approached Site Review UK to help me make some changes to the layout of my website and because I suspected my SEO was lacking. Simon carefully explained, in refreshingly non-technical language, how to modify content and use ‘ALT tags’ on my image-focused site, to attract and engage more visitors.
“In the past I have been wary of using the services of web developers who charge huge fees for negligible results. In contrast, Site Review UK are (in my experience) reasonably priced, meet deadlines and deliver on service. I have already noticed an improvement in web traffic as a result of implementing the changes Simon suggested.
“I also really appreciated Simon’s calm, methodical approach to problems which, alone, I would have found daunting. It has been a pleasure working with him.”
Ken Lowe of KenLoweIllustration in Devon

Testimonials from 2019:

Client testimonial no.6:

“We were put in touch with Simon Anderson (Site Review UK) after we had embarked on the first major upgrade of our website in 10 years. Our website is complex and has an enormous amount of material. Simon’s review has been invaluable. He has raised issues that we hadn’t considered, made suggestions for improvement and given help with all aspects of the site. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Site Review UK.”
Zelie Hilton, Food-themed online magazine owner, London

Client testimonial no.4:

“Really happy with Site Review UK’s report. It identified some significant problems with my site’s navigability when viewed on a phone, which I will now rectify with the help of my website developer. Simon’s review also suggested several re-writes and identified some spelling mistakes and broken links. The review also included a look at my Facebook page, with some useful advice… including some typos in my Messenger auto-response.”
Alison Lee, Chocolatier in Devon and owner of Truly Scrumptious

Client testimonial no.1:

“I was really impressed with how much detail is in the Site Review UK report. It looks really professional. Simon carefully reviewed the content on six of my pages, noting down formatting tips, suggested edits, 6 typos (oops!) and advice to improve the overall look and feel of my website. I’d definitely recommend Site Review UK to any small business, no matter how content you feel about your own content!”
Karen Todd Shaw, Smallicombe Farm B&B owner in Devon

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