Optimising and clarifying your online content

Website services by Site Review UK (Image shows a person making notes whilst working on a laptop with the caption: I'll consider every possible improvement, from a potential customer's point of view)

Site Review UK’s website design, SEO audit and content writing services, based in Devon, are particularly targeted to help small (and medium-sized) businesses — anywhere in the UK — as well as organisations, societies, sports clubs, tourist attractions, schools, charities…

Maybe you’re a start-up in need of some help, preparing your first website? Or maybe you have a website that’s a few years old and has slipped down the Google rankings?
Also, do you have a Facebook business page or LinkedIn company page that isn’t working for you?

Website owners:

You have a beautiful site design, but your content is not up to scratch. People aren’t finding your website. Your copy is unclear and uninspiring… you have inconsistencies, broken links and even a few spelling mistakes… and your customers don’t seem to like what they see. Sound familiar?


You need to register a domain name and create your first free website. You are trying to build your brand but don’t know how to best represent it throughout your website and social media presence. Could you do with some help?

Website services

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Learn more about either Site Review UK’s introductory service (for a flat fee of only £50), our website design service, or our full professional website content advice (website audit) service.

We provide a Facebook business page advice service for any company with a Facebook page and a complete website management service for busy independent retailers who have an online shop.

NEW: English language proofreading service for international companies who export to the UK and need help to optimise their poorly translated marketing copy.

NEW: Specific Etsy SEO / Amazon SEO / eBay SEO / Shopify SEO advice for online shop owners. This, of course, is the hugely important process of optimising your product listings to help them rank higher in product searches on each shop platform.

Also, introduced in 2022: Our Platinum service providing ongoing independent marketing support to more established businesses.

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Site Review UK’s content writing service — optimising and clarifying your online content

Use Site Review UK to completely review your online content and rank your pages higher in search engines. For as little as under £200, we’ll provide a detailed and confidential written website audit report, highlighting improvements you/we* can make to:

  • formatting your content
  • targeting your keywords
  • layout
  • use of imagery
  • accessibility (for the visually impaired)
  • grammar
  • spelling, and
  • general clarity and ‘readability’, and
  • your customer conversion processes.

Page by page, we will check every word, image and link on your site — and consider every possible improvement from a potential customer’s point of view. We’ll ensure your branding is consistent in look and feel, and that the website depicts an excellent ‘customer experience’.

In addition, we’ll expertly advise on your search engine optimisation — and how your website behaves on different browsers and (importantly) on a phone.

And we can work with you on content marketing, developing thoughts, imagery and copy for online sales/awareness campaigns.

* Note: Site Review UK does not need access to your premises or your website code. All the improvements we suggest will be easy for you to implement. Alternatively, as some clients have done, you can give us temporary access to your website’s interface (WordPress, Divi, WIX, Etsy, Shopify, Pixieset, Editir …), so we can make the agreed improvements ourselves. We will tell you how we did it too!

Next steps

Please read the testimonials from our clients and click below to request a no-obligation quote.

Our fees are affordable (catering for small businesses and start-ups in particular) and can be tailored to meet your needs. For larger businesses, our ongoing marketing support is available for only £129/month.

Read about Simon and please follow us on Facebook/Instagram, via @SiteReviewUK, to keep up with latest offers.

Site Review UK’s Terms & Conditions are available on request, and will be emailed to all new clients for acceptance before beginning any work.

Site Review UK – optimising and clarifying your online content
Expert website content advice by Site Review UK – optimising and clarifying your online content

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