WordPress tricks to give your website the edge

Most of my clients so far have websites built using WordPress.
That’s not surprising; WordPress is simple to use and highly adaptable.
And it’s free!

Did you know there are a number of easy-to-implement WordPress tricks of the trade, to help optimise your website? Tricks that will improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) and the ‘readability’ of your pages for your target audience. Don’t just rely on the default settings of your chosen site theme. Give your site the edge over your competitors.

I’ll be able to talk you through these tricks and settings once you let Site Review UK optimise your online content. (For as little as £200, I’ll provide a detailed confidential written report, spotting any issues that your website developer may have missed.) In the meantime, here are a couple of hints to consider.

Font size, colour

If you’re not happy with the default font size used in your chosen WordPress theme, you can change it. Click on Appearance > Customise > Typography. You can experiment with different sizes for your Headings also.

You can set the colour of the font as well, via Appearance > Customise > Colours.
Top tip: Importantly, for accessibility reasons, check the colour settings for your unread and read links. It is recommended to use:

  • the blue #3344dd for ‘Link Colour’,
  • the red #bb1122 for ‘Link Colour Hover’ and
  • the purple #884488 for ‘Link Colour Visited’.

Background colour

Many WordPress themes allow you to select a background colour for your website. You may prefer a fresh white background, or you could experiment with selecting a different colour, allowing the different building blocks of your website to stand out.
Try it via Appearance > Customise > Colours > Background Colour.
Top tip: If you use a colour-picker tool, select a colour used in your company logo as your background colour. This will really help your brand identity.

There are many more easy-to-implement WordPress tricks of the trade to help your website – and your most important content – to stand out. And there are free, easy-to-use WordPress plugins that will help optimise your site. My professional and personalised Site Review UK report will explain everything.

Contact me today for an affordable no-obligation quote. Thank you,

Simon Anderson
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