Internal communications advice for small businesses

All small businesses with two or more staff need to have effective internal communications between employees. Even with a two-person team, the manager wants to know that the employee is on-board with, for example, their strategy for future growth. And the employee wants to know that what they are doing is making a difference – and that they have a voice.

That’s a very simple example, but there can be complications to making this work effectively. What if the employee is office-based and the manager spends most of their time out with customers? What if there’s a poor relationship between the two? What if there’s a great relationship but for some reason they never actually talk about the business’s goals?

There can be any number of complications as small businesses grow, with more employees, different management structures and maybe more sites.

Increasing employee engagement

Larger organisations have a team dedicated to internal comms. That’s the background I have, working as Internal Communications Manager for a staff of 2,000 including shiftworkers at multiple sites. We ensured the managers briefed staff, verbally and in writing, on all major plans and developments – and that staff had many opportunities and different channels to provide feedback. The aim, always, was to increase employee engagement and attitude scores – and we regularly measured and analysed the effectiveness of our internal comms.

Whatever the size of your small business, allow me to independently review the effectiveness of your internal communications. All findings will be completely confidential, and I’ll help draw up a strategy to get things back on course.

Contact with some details of your business, and I’ll respond with an affordable no-obligation quote.

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