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Spring 2023.

We’re celebrating the start of our 5th year as Site Review UK, helping small businesses (mostly) with their websites, content, Search Engine Optimisation and Facebook pages. It’s all about investing in a little website consultancy work to help them attract and convert new customers.

Here’s our latest news.

Popular services

Three of our services continue to be the most popular.

The first is our specialist area, providing personalised professional website audits (& SEO audits) to small businesses. Call in an independent external expert, for some short-term help, to optimise your content and SEO for you. Follow the link to read further details.

The second is our website design/redesign service. This includes all the SEO work we offer to all clients, plus advice to optimise clients’ written content and customer conversion processes. Please continue to spread the word if you know anyone else in need of a new website or a redesign.

The third is our Facebook page optimisation service. This has been in high demand since Facebook began the rollout of their new ‘Pages Experience’, which overnight leaves many pages looking far from brilliant. For a small fee, we’ll ensure your FB page complements your business website, and can explain how to ensure your Facebook followers keep seeing your posts at the top of their feed.

Here’s a reminder about our other main services.

  • The Site Review UK Platinum service provides ongoing independent marketing support, targeted at slightly larger, more established businesses. For just £120/month, we’ll keep a constant review of your website content and support you with campaigns across LinkedIn and social media. Available to only a limited number of companies, so register your interest today.
  • We’re also now able to manage your online shop if you have one (via your website, eBay, Etsy or Shopify). This includes optimising product images and descriptions and fine-tuning your SEO and checkout process to drive your online sales… and is especially useful if you are busy in-store. We currently have the capacity to manage two more online shops for clients.

New clients

We are helping an increasing number of small businesses, both locally and further afield. In February, we signed up our first international client.

Latest clients include:

  • Our first international client, a manufacturing business in The Netherlands who export to the UK. They needed their translated paragraphs and SEO to be optimised for the UK market. (Work ongoing)
  • Calibre Cleaning Devon, who requested some SEO strategy advice and copy writing to raise awareness of their range of services.
  • Edie Pie Prints, a graphic designer in Wiltshire with an Etsy shop for his amazing, personalised poster prints. The owner’s feedback included “An overall great experience…” and “Simon even went beyond the call of duty…”.
  • Just Milk & Shakes, who requested a basic WordPress website for their new vending machine, dispensing farm-fresh milk and milkshakes.

Read our recent happy client testimonials here.

Please continue to help spread the word about our services. You can follow us on Facebook via @SiteReviewUK to help keep in touch. Follow us on Instagram via @SiteReviewUK too. Facebook/Instagram followers as well as clients can benefit from our ongoing referral reward scheme, which provides unlimited cashback rewards up to £50 for any referrals that lead to new work.

Winter/Spring campaigns

This Winter, we highlighted the range of small businesses that have used Site Review UK’s services: Six online shops📦, a top-end legal firm⚖, two care provider companies🏪, two specialist equipment sales teams👨‍🔧, four artists🎨, two wedding photographers📷, a recruitment consultancy👨‍💼👩‍💼👨‍💼, a freelance broadcast journalist🎥📺, a decluttering consultant😇, a massage therapist💆‍♀️, an LGBTQ+friendly counselling service🏳️‍🌈, a yoga guru🧘‍♀️, an online food magazine🍲🍷 and a chocolatier🍫. And recently two food and drink companies🍦🥤 and a manufacturer based in The Netherlands 🇳🇱!

We continued highlighting our full range of services, celebrated New Year and Valentine’s Day and called out to Etsy shop owners. Follow @SiteReviewUK on Facebook and Instagram to keep right up to date with future news and offers.

These six Site Review UK adverts have helped attract new clients over the past few weeks:

  • Latest news image. Site Review UK advert: Our affordable website services.

That’s the latest news from Site Review UK. Enjoy your Spring, Simon

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